Simple Choices-Simple Results

Healthy results stem from healthy choices and more often than not, these choices are made in a split second.

It is easy to assume that we gain weight and bodyfat from eating large amounts of junk food which does have merit. However, let us not forget about the little, forgettable choices that people make during an average day that can create a scenario for large waistlines and failed attempts to get healthy:

  • Sitting at your desk working a way and then a co-worker comes in with Pizza from an earlier seminar…woo hoo!
  • You are with a client to present a proposal and they whip out some candy from their stash and offer it you…score!
  • Someone at work has a birthday and moist Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting has a section waiting for you to dig in…boom!

All of these countless scenarios occur every second and within those same seconds people have a choice to consume or decline food that they know has no value other than the perceived freebie or taste sensation that it will deliver.

When you add up a days worth of workday snacks that seem so little, you would be shocked at how the sugar, saturated fat and calories add up to a sum that keeps pushing you further away from your goals even if you are exercising.

Little changes can have a big impact, so be more aware of the small nutritional choices that you make every day and you will be surprised at the results.

Prepare yourself by having a ready-to-go supply of healthy snacks, foods, beverages and supplements that will keep you satisfied and better equipped to politely decline food that is offered to you or to just outright decide not to eat.

With that in mind, there is nothing wrong with declining to accept such seemingly great treats when they are offered to you.

It is your body, your health and if your goal is to get and stay fit, consistent nutritional discipline with the occasional splurge will pay off.

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