The Midweek Mind Game

At the beginning of the week it is always easy to be a fitness superstar but as the week drags on, time takes its toll on those who aren’t committed to staying consistent with their activities.

Your mind is your best weapon against what we call the “Lazies.”

The “Lazies” are those voices in the back of your mind telling you that the soreness in your legs from a tough run or lifting session is a sign that it is time to “take it easy” or stop altogether. These are just messages from your body that it is uncomfortable and that it isn’t used to these new levels of activity.

Push past this because taking your body to a new level of conditioning doesn’t mean you are hurting it or that you have to adopt the “no pain no gain” mindset. What it does mean is that the human body is amazing at adapting to whatever level of activity that you throw at it.

This is true for those who train at a high level and those that don’t train at all, so stay consistent, take scheduled rest periods and keep progressing. Having a body that adapts to consistent activity is a far better scenario than having one that has adapted to sitting on a sofa!

Underestimating what the human body can achieve is a foolproof recipe for failure and downward spiral into being lazy and inactive.

Never lose focus on the fact that when a person decides to make things happen, their body will follow along!

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