What is your Fitness Persona?

Physical activity comes in many forms and offers countless opportunity to explore yet so many people looking to get fit tend to repeatedly follow the same trends.

Just like all other industries, the fitness industry has trends that come, go, get re-packaged and so forth. These trends are force-fed to people as the “new way” of doing things or “most effective” way to get and stay fit.

Get out of the fitness-trend circus and create your own path to a healthy lifestyle by simply choosing one or numerous forms of activity that interest you and stay consistent.

There is no “best” way of getting fit because if you are consistently active with activities that you enjoy, you are good to go. How many people have you come across that “used to be” a bodybuilder or pro athlete, they “used to” take group exercise classes or they “used to” ride mountain-bikes all the time yet they haven’t exercised in years?

Fitness reality rule number one tells us that the words “used to” and “used to be” are not recognized because they don’t mean anything and lead nowhere. Again, don’t let people force feed you what types of activity you should be doing because the beauty of physical activity is its diversity of choices!

If you like to walk around a park for an hour wearing a business suit and Birkenstocks’ while talking on your blue tooth, go for it! If you like ride a unicycle with your iPod while listening to podcasts on molecular science, go for it! If you like to go to cross-fit classes and then proudly wear your t-shirt that says “my warm up is harder than your workout,” go for it!

Your fitness persona can be whatever you want it to be. You can also make physical activity a support system for things that you like to do that aren’t fitness related.

We had a guy write in to tell us that his favorite thing in the world is to play Chess. However, he knows that in order to enjoy his passion for as many years as possible, he must stay in good physical condition. He wrote that he walks on his treadmill for 35 minutes, 5 days out of seven and feels that it gives him a mental edge!

Knowing that you have choices and the freedom to do whatever type of physical activity you want to do, opens up a world of opportunity for you. As long as you are consistent and willing to try new things every now and then to mix things up and challenge your system…go for it and don’t let anyone force feed you ever again!

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