Create Consistent Fitness

Everyone is a fitness or sports superstar from time to time but are they consistent? Unfortunately, the answer is a clear “no!”

If you are one of those people who find it hard to stay consistent with physical activity and healthy eating, there are a few things you can do to build a framework for consistent healthy habits.

  • Try new things, keep an open mind: Do some research and try some activities that interest you, don’t follow the crowd. Just because your best friend successfully started rock climbing and eating organic granola, that doesn’t mean that your needs will be met by doing the same thing. If you try it, like it and it works for you, that is a good thing but don’t just do it because someone else is doing it.  Doing things because others do it, rarely yields long-term, positive results. 
  • Follow your path: Finding intrinsic value in what you are doing will spark a passion that drives and maintains the consistency needed for lasting results. This only happens if you go an a personal journey, try different things, give 100% and allow time (8-12 weeks) for different activities to produce benefits. Whatever activity creates that spark of passion is where you should place your energy. Even if that activity doesn’t completely meet all of your needs, your passion for it will cause you to fill in the gaps with other activities, a higher quality diet and practices that will help your mind and body perform at levels never before thought possible. Yes, this can happen to you!
  • Let things unfold: Making sure that you are true to yourself, your preferences and passions will make it a smooth process from the couch to a healthy lifestyle. Once you go through this process, a particular activity may or may not be your top choice but at least going through the process will leave your mind open to the fact that if one activity doesn’t give you what you need, it at least taught you something you didn’t know or provided a memorable experience. From there, you can move on with real life experience under your belt as you try other things that may end up being your passion.

Case Study

We wrote this post because Physical Thread reader, Jenson L. wrote in and told us that his friends really loved to rock climb and they talked him into going. To get to their favorite spot required a 1hr 10 minute hike into the forest.

After his weekend excursion, he came away with a love of not rock climbing but rather hiking. He said the peace, quiet, fresh air and feeling of freedom he felt while hiking far surpassed his experience of rock climbing. He said he may rock climb again sometime to mix things up but hiking has quickly become something that consumes him.

Jenson now plans short, mid and long distance hikes and has met many new people who enjoy it as much as he does and that he has learned a lot in a very short amount of time. He said that his passion for hiking has created a need to do it as much as possible and at a high level. He also stated that “before I started hiking, I thought that weight training and eating really healthy was for jocks and fitness fanatics but now I eat really healthy and lift a couple of times a week to improve my strength for steep trail sections and even muscular endurance. Everything just kinda fell into place once I found something I really liked to do.”

This is just one example of how getting out there, trying new things and effort will provide you with the consistency you desire. It is all within you, you just have to get out there and try things. Don’t waste time talking or researching online but rather do your research on the fly and learn as you go!

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