What is your Genetic Equalizer?

We all have activities, exercises and sports that are always very difficult for us and ones that our bodies simply don’t adapt to. These are what we call Genetic Equalizers.

You know…that one exercise in the gym that kicks your butt? That one sport that your body rarely shows improvement in? Many people experience this and turn the other way but we encourage you to embrace some of these genetic equalizers rather than avoid them.

Keeping some genetic equalizers in your rotation of activities can be a good thing. There are elite athletes in particular sports who will tell you that the very same sport or event that they excel in never comes easy and in many cases are very difficult for them every step of the way. However, it is the difficulty of these genetic equalizers and the challenge that they offer that motivates people to keep working and perfecting their skill, training and conditioning levels.

If you look beneath the surface you will find countless people who are highly successful in sports, fitness and physical activity yet it is an extremely difficult process for them. Yes, there are always going to be people who “were born to perform” certain activities or sports but when you look at those who are at the very top, most will tell you that it didn’t come natural!

We encourage you to perform activities that you are proficient in and enjoy but sprinkle in a few that you hate and you will be surprised by the heightened levels of motivation you will have to perform, improve and garner results.

This is a clear example of how you can use your mind to achieve things that a lot of people never will because when things don’t come easy, they give up and quit. Many wonderful experiences and accomplishments are born out of facing what doesn’t come natural or easy.

Go get it!



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