Enjoy Physical Activity? Yes!

In this digital, fast paced, “all out” world in which we live in, it would be easy to assume that the only way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is by the high intense, flashy forms of exercise that dominate all forms of media. Wrong!

Ignore all of the flash, loud music and images of perfect bodies sweating and exercising to complete fatigue. Take a step back and realize that a healthy lifestyle can incorporate many types and intensities of exercise.

With spring in full swing, why not hit a trail for a hike, trail run or mountain-bike ride. You don’t have to “shred” the trails or dominate nature, just get out and enjoy it. More often than not, when your goal is to dominate everything you do and compete with everyone around you, you actually miss out on the actual experience. Life is too short for that!

Um yeah...intensity is great but not all the time!
Um yeah…intensity is great but not all the time!

It would be easy to assume that being the best or being at your best means that you must have the intensity cranked up to maximum and go to extremes to achieve great things. Again, wrong!

If you consistently exercise, you have the foundation you need for overall good health and it gives you the opportunity to explore many types of activities both intense and relaxed.

Is there anything wrong with competition or very hard work? Absolutely not but make sure that you leave room for activities and intensity levels that allow you to enjoy the things you don’t necessarily notice when you are in the heat of battle or trying to survive the toughest workout of your life.

Having a good mix of the two is a good thing which means you will be well-rounded and ready for whatever comes your way. That is what it’s all about!

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