Are you taking fitness too serious?

Being physically active and eating healthy is a great but taking them too seriously can often be counterproductive!

It is no secret that proper nutrition and eating healthy are absolutely necessary for overall good health but you don’t have to let your endeavors become yet another aspect of life to dread.

Every week, we receive messages from people asking how to bring the fun back into their fitness endeavors after years of following trends, following what others find interesting or simply not diversifying their activities.

The key thing to remember is that the beauty of an active lifestyle is that it is a continuous, open opportunity to explore and innovate. For example, If  you are going on group runs and hate going on group runs…quit going on group runs! Mix things up and run alone or with a select number of running partners from time to time at different locales. Be creative, think independently, blaze your own trail!

An avid cyclist Kristin wrote to us last night and said “if I go on one more group ride and have to listen to people mindlessly chat about the most insignificant things, I’m gonna go nuts.” She said that she rides her bike to get away from all of that stuff and wants to enjoy a passion of hers with others yet every time she does, it ends up being about who is faster, who has the best bike, the best components or what race category they want to win. “In all the groups I ride in, none of the people are even remotely close to ever becoming a pro yet they take things more serious than people I know who are actually pro cyclists” said Kristin.

If that situation describes you….relax! You can enjoy an activity without trying to dominate it or letting it dominate you. You can be passionate about and successful at something yet also have room to diversify with other interests, activities and training formats.

Look at the activities that you participate in and if you aren’t passionate about them or having a blast, take some time to try others that will offer a challenge, spark a passion and fuel consistent enjoyment.

Whether it is weight-training, healthy eating, running, cross-fit, cycling or whatever…the sweet spot is when you are consistently doing those things, having fun yet not making such a big deal about things…you know?…it’s just “what you do!”

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