5 Reasons Why You’re Not Physically Fit

Getting and staying physically fit is not advanced rocket science but many people make it seem as though it is. With some mental and perceptual adjustments, you can and will build a healthy lifestyle! Here are 5 reasons why people fail:

1. No Action 

While it is great to want, hope, wish and pray for an active lifestyle; it only becomes a reality when you take that first step and actually make it happen. If you are new to fitness or back from a long layoff, start slow with things such as walking, cycling, running, hiking and basic strength training. Specialty running & walking stores, bicycle shops and fitness facilities all have great “get started” programs that can help you get going in the right direction. Once your foundation of basic physical conditioning and knowledge is established, you can then begin your journey. The paths to a healthy lifestyle are endless but there is only one way to fail…which is by doing nothing. 

2. Following Trends

Following trends in the fickle fitness industry only leads to following more trends. Avoid that circus by doing whatever activities that truly interest you. If you are having fun and your activity provides sustained health benefits, don’t worry about what other people are doing. Just because your co-worker has a great physique and is a fixture in the adventure race scene doesn’t mean that you have to perform the same things they do in order to achieve high levels of physical conditioning. Blaze your own trail, your options are endless.

3. Too much Too Soon 

The natural laws of physical conditioning have proven that when you force the issue by doing too much too soon, you lose…period! If you start out slow, methodical and stay consistent, you will begin and maintain a constant progression into levels of conditioning you would never have reached by using the weekend warrior method. Easing your way into different activities and giving your body a chance to correctly acclimate requires patience but it will get you fit much faster than inconsistent flashes of exercise after watching a cool sporting event or someone telling you that you “gained a few.”

4. Too much Research

If you spend more time researching the best ways of getting fit rather than actually performing them or you find yourself doing nothing because you can’t decide which activity would be best for you, failure comes swiftly. There is a thing called applied knowledge and it is only attained by actively taking part in the process. Who says that you have to find the “perfect” mode of exercise? Get out there, try different activities and through that effort, there is a very strong chance that you will find one or many activities that will excite you and fuel the consistency needed to stay active. Learn by “doing!”

5. Lack of Variation

Bless your heart if you participate in an activity that you really enjoy and gives you the results you desire. However, if that activity is starting to feel like a boring job rather than a fun activity, branch out! Sounds simple huh? However, once people find an activity that works for them they tend to fear what may happen if they stop. This creates a narrow focus and takes the fun out of a once enjoyable activity. Take a look at the training formats of multi-sport athletes such as Triathletes. Their training formats are centered around performing focused workouts with multiple activities on a consistent basis. As long as you are consistent, your weekly schedule can include different activities. You will find that the variation will allow you to excel by having a diverse training schedule. However, should you decide to focus more on one specific activity, you already have the foundation in place. Boom!


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