Exercise vs Food

There are many meal formats and diets to choose from but reality bluntly reminds us that they are useless without consistent exercise. Not a day goes by without someone touting the way that they eat as the key to health nirvana!

Whether it is the Paleo diet, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarian or whatever; there is no doubt that you will garner general results if you follow the principles of these meal formats. However, consistent movement and exercise is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that no matter what meal format you subscribe to, if you eat too much and exercise too little, you will not achieve the results you desire…period. Hitting farmers markets, nutrition stores and the organic section is a good thing but that money and time should be in unison with consistent exercise. The human body is designed to initiate, perform and sustain physical activity, so give that body of yours what it needs.

Yes, having a balance between nutrition and exercise is the optimal situation but when it comes down to it, your body staying in constant motion is the key to a healthy lifestyle. There are steps to take that will help you master that balance and it starts with solidifying a consistent format of exercise because without it, you are only winning half the battle. The choices are endless but they all come down to one thing….getting it done consistently.

The beauty of exercise is its diversity so choose which forms suit you best and get it done! Don’t let other people or whatever fad is in style dictate what forms of exercise are best, take charge.

As long as your activities provide sustained, challenging, rewarding and effective results, you’re good to go. You don’t have to have one single activity of choice, create an arsenal of activities and use them all to work on different aspects of conditioning such as endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination etc. Blaze your own trail to success.

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