From the Editor: Branch Out and Blossom

The various types of exercise and training formats that are available these days are both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because having options opens up the world and allows people to experience different activities, sports and the specific techniques that come along with them. A curse because for many people, having so many options often makes them indecisive and they never try new things or do nothing at all!

That is where mental perspective comes into play and why it is important to make an effort to try new formats every few months. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon the activities that you are passionate about but it does mean that adding variation, new techniques, mindsets and philosophies will keep you constantly progressing.

I ride BMX bikes with a passion and have done so my entire life. There is nothing better to me than “shredding” downtown cityscapes, skate parks, dirt jumps, indoor skate parks or even learning new tricks in an empty parking lot.  However, I don’t limit myself to my “little” bike. I mountain bike, ride road bikes, trail run, hike, lift, perform sprint workouts and now…..Gymnastics training.

There are a lot of training formats that brag about how tough they are but I have never done anything as tough as the workouts I have been doing at the gymnastics academy in my neighborhood. Wow!

I was motivated to try it after reading an interview with Mixed Martial Arts and UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. He is one of the most highly conditioned athletes in the world and stated that he thought he was in elite physical condition until he tried a gymnastics training program. He said that he has done no workout regimen tougher than gymnastics because of the combination of exertion paired with the technique and fine detail that is required. Here is one of the best athletes in one of the toughest sports in the world struggling with a basic yet tough routine:

Go to your local gymnastics facility and take a few basic classes, you will love it and hate it which is a good thing!  Trying new formats will take your mind-body connection to levels you never before thought possible. Branch out.

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