First Mile is the Worst Mile

The first few minutes of a run, bike ride, hike, rowing session or weight training session can quite often be brutal.

A great way to avoid “the first mile is the worst mile” period is by staying diligent with your pre-workout warm up activities. We would all like to believe that we are so awesome that we can perform amazing feats of physical activity without a warm up. That may be true….but only for a little while!

Reality cracks a mean whip and physical therapy offices are jam-packed with all of the “awesome” people getting painful reminders of how important it is to warm up.

It only takes a few minutes to get your body prepared, you just have to use the same amount of discipline it took to craft your current modes of activity to get yourself in the routine of warming up.

Something as simple as performing 3-5 minutes of light agility moves, jumping rope, a ride on a stationary bike, a slow jog before runs, a foam roller session and basic stretches all go a long way.

Once you get in the habit of performing your pre workout routine, it becomes just that….routine!

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