The Weight-Loss Myth: Part 1

Millions of people view weight loss as the pot of gold at the end of the fitness rainbow yet despite the millions of pounds lost each year, there are just as many pounds gained. Something is missing.

The health & fitness industry produces over 60 billion a year in revenue while our country’s level of obesity continues to skyrocket up and physical activity spirals down. Again, something is missing.

Jumping in an exercise group at work or running group on the weekends will definitely help you lose weight. However, if your goal is to simply lose weight, what happens once you garner results? The answer is that once people start to see results, they tend slack off or stop altogether simply because weight loss was their only focus. A simple weight loss goal does nothing to ensure overall, consistent good health.

If you really want a healthy body, you have to use your mind not trends or goals that don’t offer long-term benefits! Shift your mindset to becoming physically active and you will create a solid foundation that all other goals can successfully start from. Get active first, then we can talk about weight loss. Let’s start here:

Step 1

Choose activities that will satisfy these 4 criteria:

1. Cardiovascular Conditioning 3-4 days per week (Walking, Rowing, Running, Hiking, Cycling, etc)

2. Muscular Strength 2 days per week (Basic strength-training etc.)

3. Flexibility  Training (This can be accomplished by stretching before and after all of your other activities)

4. Balance Coordination at least 2 days per week (Skill oriented activities that offer more than simple straight-line movements. Off-road Trail Hikes, Tennis, Agility Training Gymnastics classes, Mountain Biking, Soccer…anything skill oriented)

Choose a main activity and a couple other activities for each criteria and focus on mastering the basics of each activity. This requires consistency, focus, skill, technique and time management. There is no reason that you can’t successfully create and maintain a format like this…no matter “how tight” your schedule is. People make time for the things that are important to them…period!

Notice that there is no hand holding, nothing telling you exactly what to do….we want you to craft your own path to success.

Research and select activities for each criteria and then immerse yourself in the BASICS. Check in with us and let us know how things are going, what you chose and feel free to ask any questions. Deadline for your final report is Sunday, June 30th. In the meantime, stay in touch and keep things simple.

Consistent activity is the focus!

Then on to Part 2!

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