The Secret to Supplementation

Aside from the obvious which is to choose supplements wisely, modestly and to back things up with solid nutrition, the true secret to any successful supplementation program is actually taking them.

Many people go to great lengths to choose and purchase supplements then fail to actually use them. One of the main culprits is losing track of your supplements somewhere between home and work. For students, the problem can include all three! At this very moment, someone is at home, work or school frustrated because they forgot their supplements.

The solution? When you purchase your supplements, it is always wise to double up your purchase and close the gap on missed supplementation by having your supplements in numerous places. Here is a great format to follow:

  • Have a core supply of supplements at home in your kitchen area ready to go at all times and leave them there.
  • Stock a matching amount of supplements at work or school if you have a consistent, safe place to store them. If you have your own desk, locker or common area to store things, be sure to stock it with all of your essential supplements, extra water and healthy snacks.
  • Build what we call a “supplement suitcase” which is actually a medium-sized bag that you can place your supplements, snacks, healthy beverages, mixing supplies, containers, utensils and miscellaneous workout gear…“just in case!” This bag is to be kept in your car out of direct sunlight and the elements to avoid ruining their effectiveness. If you don’t have a car, just make sure you have a quality courier bag or backpack with extra supplements safely packed away and ready to go!

These scenarios may not describe everyone’s situation but the format is the same…be prepared, have extra supplements and products on hand for those times when your normal routine is interrupted. On a weekend or off-day, take some time to prepare your supplements and where you will place, pack and store them.

These tips seem almost too easy but you would be surprised at how these simple techniques can impact the consistency and effectiveness of your supplement and meal format. Think ahead, stock up, be prepared, stay consistent.

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