No Time-No Excuse

In a world that is increasingly taking up more of our time, it is easy to fool yourself into believing that you don’t have enough time to exercise which is nonsense. We make the time for the things we deem important in our lives.

Not having enough time is based on the myth that you need a lot of time in which to exercise and garner results. It is important to understand that you have to look at your specific situation and then make the determination as to how much and how often to exercise.

If your goal is to simply be more active for overall good health, it really doesn’t take a huge effort to achieve that goal. A 25-30 minute, brisk walk every other day will at the very least get and keep your body in good working condition. If your goal is to tone up, tighten up and lean out, you can add two or three 25-30 minute strength training sessions paired with any cardiovascular exercise of your choice each week.

For Example:

Monday and Wednesday: Perform 25-30 minutes of brisk cardio (walk, jog, ride a bike)

Tuesday and Thursday: Perform a 25-30 minute quick paced strength training session. (The faster pace will give you a great strength and cardio endurance combination in a short amount of time)

Friday: Freelance on Fridays and perform a brisk 30 minutes of non-stop activity that is a bit different from what you do during the week. Maybe pick out 3-4 different activities and rotate them with no rest!….10 min of jump rope, 10 min hill run on the treadmill and 10 minutes of ab crunches, lunges and push-ups etc…

Saturday & Sunday: Take one of these days off and on the other day, do something active and fun (a hike, go kayaking, be creative!)

This is just a snapshot of the endless possibilities in terms of performing short bouts of exercise that can yield long-lasting results. You don’t have to spend hours exercising unless your specific goals require you to do so. In most cases, you can do great things with concise, focused bouts of exercise.

For strength training guidance, consult a fitness professional who can draft a simple plan for you to follow and show you the correct technique for specific exercises. It will be money well spent and you don’t need to buy a huge training package, just a few sessions to get you going. From there, you can check in from time to time for updates, fine tuning and assessment.

Be creative, follow your own path and the passion for the activities that you enjoy will fuel the consistency needed for success.

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