You are in control


I’m back after a much-needed break from blogging and excited about sharing some new perspectives that I have gained after experimenting with different philosophies and meeting new people who travel outside the normal realm of fitness, nutrition and physical activity.

First, it is important to keep in mind that with fitness, health, nutrition, physical activity and sports….”YOU” are in control and can carve your own personal path to success. Far too often, people get stuck doing the same stereotypical things such as following whatever trend, fad, training format or meal plan that is popular at any given time.

Yes, there are really cool new formats and techniques to try but there are also many time-tested formats that many people overlook in favor of what they think is “hot” at the moment. I encourage you to do some research and read up on both old-school and new-school training, nutrition and physical activity formats.

Fitness isn’t all about how hard you can push yourself, how much weight you lift, how restrictive you can make your meal plan or chasing perfection. There are countless other things to consider and we will discuss them in the days, weeks and months to come!

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