Challenges End but Decisions Stick

A common and overdone trend in the fitness industry is the “challenge.” Every hour it seems, there is a new challenge for the public to “step up to” or “face.”

More often than not, these challenges are ironically tied to some product to be purchased that will help people reach their goals “as effectively as possible.” In reality, challenges are only effective if an individual truly decides to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and put forth the consistent effort needed for success.

The next time you have a supplement or fitness product oriented challenge thrown your way, remember that a supplement or product is only as good as your desire to succeed.

Before you swipe your credit card or whip out cash for a product, make sure that you have truly made the decision to both initiate and maintain the healthy habits needed for long-term success. Your concrete decision to accomplish something is far stronger than anything that a challenge, supplement or product could ever offer you.

First, start with nutrition and fitness basics!

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