Let Things Slide

Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has far many more options than you can imagine. The trick is to open your mind to the fact that your food choices, activity choices and regimens don’t have to be so rigid.

Yes, being fit and eating healthy requires a certain level of discipline but discipline doesn’t mean that you’re in the military or on a strict training schedule geared to help you dominate the world of health and athletics!

Once you have proven to be consistent with a healthy eating format and schedule of activities, the next step is letting things slide…but letting them slide in a positive way!

This means that when your exercise and nutritional habits are established, you are now in a great position to simply go with the flow and create great meals and modes of physical activity that are free of rigid schedules and time frames.

For example, one of our readers wrote in last week that she feels so free because she has a general idea of what activities she wants to do during the week but when work or family responsibilities come up, she simply adjusts. She wrote that a few weeks ago, she had a 1hour run scheduled on a Saturday but then her daughter had a school function that she couldn’t miss. Rather than getting frustrated or simply doing nothing at all, she hopped on her stationary bike and knocked out a 30 min interval-sprint session before she had to leave and felt amazing after! The next day, she did the run that was originally scheduled for the day before…done and done!

It seems simple but many people get so brain-locked on a certain way of doing things that when something comes up that isn’t on “the script,” they tend to get frustrated, discouraged and end up doing nothing at all.

Life is going to throw things at you, so don’t forget that you have the option of getting out of the way and/or throwing something back!

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