Recipe: Simple Oats


Oatmeal being a healthy option to start the day is no secret. However, while most people acknowledge its many benefits, very few actually make it due to the misconception that it is plain and boring.

The only way oatmeal is plain and boring is if you are! Here’s a quick, simple and tasty way we like to make it:

Put 1/4 to 3/4 Cup of dry Oats in a bowl, sprinkle a few dashes of Apple Pie Spice, add 1/2 or whole chopped Golden Delicious Apple, pour in water or Unsweetened Almond Milk to attain the consistency you want, mix it all up and microwave until the mixture starts to boil up. You may have to stir it up and repeat the microwave process a couple times depending on how powerful your microwave is and to get the consistency you want by adding more liquid as you go.

Once you achieve your desired consistency….enjoy!

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