3 Ways to Get and Stay Fit



Like countless others, it would be a safe bet to assume that you have been in and out of numerous fitness routines, trends and supplement programs with little to nothing to show for it other than less money in your pocket!

As with anything else in life, the difference between success and failure comes down to your mindset and simple basics. There are a few simple things you can do that will build a strong foundation in which everything else that you do can rest upon.

1. Quit following trends- Trends come, go and come back again but if you have a healthy lifestyle that is both specific to your needs and effective…who cares what the trend is? Every single day, there is a new “fitness revolution” taking place and it usually involves you whipping out a credit card in order to become part of it. No trend can even come close to the effectiveness of someone finding forms of physical activity that they will perform on a consistent basis and supporting that activity with moderation-based nutrition.

2. Place emphasis on what interests you- Finding activities that you like to do or that work for your needs is key to long-term success. Some people just love exercise, others don’t but it is essential for overall health, so get with it, try a few activities and stick with the ones that you will do on a consistent basis. This experimentation process almost always leads people to activities and levels of success that they never thought they would find or achieve. This process will lead you to others who have done the same and that interaction also yields more sources of guidance, motivation, support and results. Step out of your comfort zones and you will be rewarded.

3. Fitness doesn’t have to be your main focus- While it is true that physical activity is necessary for overall health, you don’t have to go “all in” and start competing in bodybuilding shows and signing up for adventure races…unless that is something that interests you. Many people believe that getting healthy means that they have to train constantly, wear the latest fitness clothes and carry around protein shaker-cups everywhere they go. Wrong!

If you are an artist and love your craft, it would only make sense that you would want to create your art for as many years as possible which ultimately relies on good health. Fitness isn’t the main focus here but the artist has everything to gain by staying physically active and eating nutritious food. If you are a passionate Chess player who sits for hours at a time, it is also in your best interest to adopt and maintain physical activity as a regular part of your life so that you can enjoy your true passion for many years to come. If you are very family oriented and want to be there for your kids and loved ones for as long as possible…again, being healthy gives you the best chance to do just that! Fitness is what you make it and it doesn’t require you to be a fitness pro or professional athlete, you can use it as support  for other aspects of your life and overall health.

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