Flavor Bomb your Protein Shake

In a flavor-conscious world, people want great flavor to make an otherwise boring protein shake a joy to drink on a consistent basis. Many protein mixes fall short when it comes to providing that rare blend of smooth, creamy and delicious. We have a solution!

Simple, smooth, tasty and cheap...boom!
Simple, Smooth, Tasty and Cheap…Boom!

Add a Tablespoon or two of Instant Sugar-Free Fat-Free Jell-O Pudding Mix to your shakes and you will be pleasantly surprised with the high-level of taste and smooth texture it will bring to your daily dose of protein! This product is very inexpensive at under a $1 per box for the standard size and comes in numerous flavors to prevent taste boredom.

Start by adding a little at a time because after all, it is a pudding mix and will thicken quite quickly.

Slowly add it to ensure that you achieve the consistency you desire and then enjoy. You’re welcome!

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