Person of the Week: Grady Sizemore

Red Sox Spring Training

Microfracture surgeries on both knees, a third knee procedure, back surgery, elbow surgery and two Sports Hernia operations. After making it to the big leagues of Major League Baseball in 2004, that is what standout pro baseball player Grady Sizemore has endured. He was one of the more gifted players in Baseball.

For those of you that don’t know, the level that you have to play and stay at in pro baseball is far beyond what most people can comprehend. To be a big league player, you have to be consistently great. Not good but great!

Due to his injuries, Sizemore hasn’t played in a major league game in two years and his prolific career seemed to be a thing of the past but on Friday, March 28 2014, Grady Sizemore was named the starting Center Fielder for the famed Boston Red Sox. Wow!

He flat-out won the job over some really talented players this past spring and wowed people with his performances. This isn’t about Baseball, it is about a human being who faced and fought through very difficult circumstances where many others would have given up.

His story is one to refer to when you are having tough times and in need of inspiration to help you push through!





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