Set it Up Sunday


Every Sunday is Set it Up Sunday which is the day we encourage you to make your upcoming week and life easier by: getting your healthy meals prepared and stored, whatever supplements you use ready to go, your healthy snacks packed and ready to go, your workout clothes washed/packed and ready to go, your workouts and activities planned and ready to be implemented.

Taking a little time to get this done on your day off can be the difference between long term success and weekend warrior-type inconsistency. We aren’t saying that you have to regiment your life as if you were in the military but rather have a simple system in place that allows you to take advantage of a day off that will in turn allow you to be as efficient and productive as possible during the busy work week.

Some people exercise 6-7 days per week, others just 3 but no matter what your schedule, be sure to support it with a plan of action that simply allows you to “act” rather than “guess” during the week. The beauty of this format is that there are no rules other than taking a few minutes of your time to plan and set up your upcoming week.

Start out by keeping your plan simple, clear, concise and with a little wiggle room to make adjustments in the event your schedule ever changes. For example, if you have an hour-long spin class scheduled but your work meeting runs late and you miss the spin class, don’t get frustrated and do nothing…adapt and adjust by hopping on a treadmill or go outside and knock out a 20 minute interval run-walk or sprint-run session and call it a day! Being flexible and adaptable keeps you moving forward and you’ll still feel great knowing that you did something rather than nothing. Keep it simple.

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