The 6 Minute Switch

6 min

There are times when a workout is the absolute last thing anyone wants to do, no matter how fit they are. You know…those days when you can play loud music, drink coffee, take pre-workout supplements or have your workout buddy slap you around and you still don’t feel like working out?! We have a little trick we want to share with you.

The 6 Minute Switch is that perfect amount of time it takes your body to process things, adapt and then raise its level of energy needed to perform tasks you want it to perform. On a day when you don’t feel like doing a run or session on the exercise bike just slowly perform that activity for 6 minutes and your body will step up and do the job!

For example, a reader wrote in yesterday and she performed a great session on her exercise bike despite not feeling like it prior to the workout. She simply got on the machine and slowly performed the motion until she said her body just “flipped the switch and adjusted.” She was amazed that it was around the 6 minute mark when she got a good flow going and then she knocked out a tough, 30 minute session and felt great!

The human body is an amazing machine and its ability to adapt is far stronger than you could ever imagine. Instead of giving up when you don’t feel like exercising, give your body 6 minutes to adapt and then perform…it won’t let you down.

Those who are successful understand this process and know that if they can just get themselves to the gym, on the bike, in that exercise class or wherever….their body will adapt and do what it was designed to do which is to perform physical activity. You can do this!

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  1. More people need to experience this secret! It’s so true.. No matter how terrible I feel, if I can just go & try, I end up finishing the whole workout and feeling great at about the 6 minute mark 😉

    1. So great to see you are enjoying the benefit of just putting yourself in the right situation. It is amazing how something so simple as showing up and trying can help people succeed. Thanks for being a great example of that!

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