Supplements: Are you ready for them?

supp head

Nutritional supplements fuel a billion dollar industry yet despite all this money spent on products that are designed to change lives, they are useless without first….changing your life! Most of these supplements are aimed at the general public looking to lose weight and/or improve their overall health.

Supplements can be effective but only if you place them where they belong. Supplements belong in a secondary role to consistent physical activity and healthy eating habits. Many supplement companies say that success starts with exercise and nutrition in a round-about way but their marketing says otherwise. Each product: “does this,” “does that,” “promotes this,” “aids in the process of this,” “has been shown to do that,” etc.

Then comes the “challenge” which requires you to purchase their products. Then comes a meal format, which has you on a restrictive or “get started” meal format because they know that if they sell you the supplements without cutting your calorie intake or changing your eating habits, you won’t see any results and therefore not purchase supplements in the future.

Let’s get this straight right now…Supplements don’t do anything unless you are exercising on a consistent basis, exercising at levels that even require additional nutritional support and supporting that exercise with a healthy meal format…period!

There are very few supplements if any that can replace or surpass the effectiveness of the internal processes already within your body that initiate, maintain and increase your levels of health! All of these processes start and end with exercise and healthy eating habits, not supplements.

Your body was literally designed to perform physical activity and only needs basic/healthy nutrition to support that activity. Step one is making sure that you are: getting consistent cardiovascular activity such as walking, jogging or cycling; resistance exercise such as strength training; flexibility training such as a consistent stretching routine or you can group many of these things together in any number of combinations.

In the coming weeks, we will be outlining these exercise and nutrition basics so that you can first build your foundation then think about additional supplementation. First things first….save your money, exercise and eat right!


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