Trail Run Tuesday: Just Bring You


trail run

As you might have noticed, we are big proponents of hiking and trail-running. There is a reason why people get hooked on one or both disciplines just after one time on a trail…it is the sounds, the smells, the views, the great workout and each experience brings you close to nature!

There is something about hiking or running on a trail with the sounds of birds chirping, streams flowing, the breeze and even your feet as you move past roots, rocks, gravel, dirt, leaves and whatever else mother nature lays out before you. The smell of the trees, plants and fresh air all add up to a great, overall experience.

All of the senses are cranked up a notch and there is a literal cleansing effect on your mind every time you hit the trails. The payoffs are numerous but usually you are rewarded with a great view at the end of the trail, the simple satisfaction of completing the trail or even conquering a steep hill section!

However, many of these experiences are dampened with the common practice of having ear phones plugged into your head while on the trail which in many cases, lessens the experience. People fool themselves into believing that they need music to keep them going.

That might be true for walking/running on pavement or at the gym but the beauty of being on the trail is that all the stimuli you need surrounds you and you’ll be surprised at how much you will learn about your body when the interaction is simply just you and the trail. You will learn a lot about pacing yourself by listening to your breathing patterns and your feet as you avoid obstacles and navigate through the various surfaces the trails will throw at you.

Give it a try, hit the trails with just “you” and we are confident you will notice a distinct difference in both the experience and your performance!

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  1. These look like the gorgeous trails in Marin, California 🙂 That’s where I got hooked on trail running and the way it clears your head. I feel like I can run forever on those trails.

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