20 Minute Magic? Yes!


Good news,  just 20 minutes of walking is the sweet spot for building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you can always participate in longer, more intense and different forms of physical activity but for overall basic health, a daily walk for 20 minutes has been shown to be the time frame that works for most people.

In a recent study by the Yale School of Medicine, researchers found that people who walk regularly were a quarter less likely to become permanently disabled later on in life which is pretty significant, considering just 20 minutes of your time per day can set you up for a healthy, vital and enjoyable lifestyle later on in life.

With medical technology and practices allowing people to live much longer, it becomes imperative that you develop solid health habits now. The later years are coming and the habits you have now will determine your quality of life down the road, so get real, get active and stay consistent! A 20 minute walk per day? Yes, you can do that!

Oh and for you runners? Former world ranked, professional marathon runner Ashley Johnson is also a proponent of the 20 minute workout. Despite the many miles under his belt, he said that on any given week, if he does 3-20 minute runs, he maintains a solid base of conditioning that keeps his body fit. Having those 3 runs completed each week keeps him prepared to always add more days, time and distance whenever he chooses but he stays true to getting those 3 runs in for 20 minutes.

Basically, the key to success is consistency. If you are consistent, you don’t have to train for long periods of time per session but rather perform abbreviated yet focused sessions that maintain the healthy balance that your body needs for overall health. Take care of it and your body will take care of you!

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