Winter+Excuses=No Progress

Unless you have a rock-solid medical excuse…cold, wet, blustery weather is no excuse for not getting outside and active. Sarcastically yet frankly speaking, there are these things called coats, hats, gloves and countless other types of cold weather gear that make it possible and quite comfy to get out and active no matter what mother nature throws at you.

It is bittersweet when I head out for hikes, runs and bike rides in the winter. On one hand, it is great having the trails, paths and roads to myself due to most people only coming  outside when the weather is ideal. On the other, it is sad because most people never realize their physical potential because they aren’t willing to adjust and adapt as the weather patterns go through their inevitable changes.

Yes, you can and should go to the gym and lift, do Cardio or take a class but many of the same people who won’t go outside on a cold, rainy day are the same people who won’t go to the gym either! Am I stereotyping? Heck yes but with 20 years in the fitness industry, I have witnessed this scenario countless times!

If you plan for a session of outdoor activity, stick with it! There is nothing indoors that can re-create the connection between you and the elements by yep, you guessed it….getting out in the elements!

Don’t hide under the covers…get some cold/wet weather gear and get outside!

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