Best Way to Get Fit!

'There Is No One Way', World Economic Forum protest.

Simply put, there is no “one way” to get fit which is a beautiful truth! There is a broad spectrum of physical activity just waiting for you to explore.

Through word of mouth, the internet, social media and television; it is far too easy to be fooled into believing that there is one path to success. Don’t be fooled because “you” are in charge of your own personal blueprint for success. Don’t let anyone dictate what form of activity is best other than “yourself!”

Any activity or group of activities that you will do on a consistent basis is the way to go. Some people excel when keeping the type and number of activities very limited and others prefer a mix of activities to keep them engaged and motivated.

If you are an absolute beginner, start with the proven, simple means of physical activity such as walking, bicycling, hiking or getting on a basic strength and cardiovascular program at your local fitness facility. You don’t need the latest trends, just a slow, consistent progression of learning, mastering and maintaining the basic forms of physical activity.

From there, you can venture into trying numerous types of activities and sports to find your ‘Activity Sweet Spot” which I define as an activity or group of activities that you actually enjoy and will consistently perform.

If you are experienced yet bored, expand your horizons and begin the process of venturing outside of your comfort zones to try new activities, sports and training techniques. You will be surprised at the new levels of motivation, enjoyment and progression you will obtain by simply opening your mind!



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