“Weekend Warrior” Momentum…Use it!

How many times have you had a “weekend warrior” experience where you performed an activity session or sport that you haven’t done before or in a long time that left you sore for days and absolutely positive that “you will never do that again?”

Listen closely…don’t squander these golden opportunities!

I haven’t done a serious mountain bike ride in a few years but a good friend recently guided me on a ride with a painful, unrelenting climb to the top of a canyon peak that gave my legs and lungs everything they could handle. Should I have done that type of ride after not mountain biking for so long? Probably not but I survived it, had a great time and made sure that the pain of that climb wasn’t wasted. A couple of days after that ride, I pushed past leg soreness, rode my local trails and haven’t stopped.

Rather than letting the ride lead to nothing but a funny story about how sore I was, I let the experience build into a weekly activity that re-kindled my passion for mountain biking. I now ride my mountain bike at least once a week in addition to all my other activities and I’m loving every ride out in the woods!

So, if you haven’t exercised in a while or ever….and you find yourself running, riding, lifting, climbing or whatever…don’t waste the pain, embrace it and use it as a means to yet another way to start, rediscover or maintain an activity or sport. Most people never take advantage of the true power of this kind of experience but the human body is an amazing, adaptive machine that is specifically designed to perform and maintain physical activity. Let it do what it was meant to do!



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