Effort…it is what it is!

There is a misconception surrounding a healthy, active lifestyle. It isn’t always perky smiles, trendy clothes, Instagram selfies or the post workout glow that is often depicted online, on tv and countless social media platforms. Exercising before or after work, exercising during your lunch hour or loading up the car at 4:30 am on the weekend to drive 3 hours for your sport or activity doesn’t always produce the aforementioned perky smile.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are obvious but a simple mental “reboot” or shift in focus can really help you bridge the gap between “wanting” or “trying” to live an active lifestyle and actually living one. All the great benefits and consistency gained from a healthy lifestyle depend on one thing…”Effort” and lots of it!

Bridging that gap starts with understanding that an active lifestyle isn’t easy and doesn’t always produce instant reward, it doesn’t always go as planned and it doesn’t always make you happy…it’s like anything else in life and has a constant flow of positive-negative, success-failure and hard lessons.

With dirty-work and effort comes knowledge, consistency and reward! Frankly, the sooner you truly understand this, the sooner you will be living the healthy lifestyle you desire. Find activities that you enjoy, do the work necessary to consistently enjoy them and fill in the blanks…you got this!




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