Fit-Success: Start Slow-Progress Fast

There is a tendency to think that a healthy lifestyle means that you have to make massive changes, work at very high levels of intensity and to follow the trends. That may be the case for some specific instances but for most people, basic and consistent physical activity will do the trick.

The human body was designed to perform physical activity and is an amazing machine that can adapt to almost anything you throw at it, so if your activities are based on good health, that’s exactly what it will give you!

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or ever, the trick is to start slow and work your way up to higher levels of activity. This sounds really basic and it is….this process isn’t rocket science, it’s about starting and maintaining a format that is methodical and based on common sense. Whether you are a beginner, former olympic athlete or lifelong weekend warrior; to get positive results you have to start out slow with moderate amounts of exercise with regard to days per week, intensity and duration. Once you establish basic, consistent activity, then you can progress to more intense activities.

A walk, jog or bicycle ride every other day for 20 minutes is always a great start. Whatever you enjoy and will do most consistently is where you should focus your efforts. If you need a bit more structure, try joining your local gym, committing to 2-3 days per week and maybe a couple personal training sessions to get help with a format specific to your needs!

You don’t have to purchase a huge package of training sessions, become a bodybuilder or crossfit competitor, just a few sessions to have a fitness professional assess your needs and address them with a specific plan. From there, you can get a “check-up” session every few months to track progress and make tweaks to your program.

There are numerous options but they all depend on one thing….you taking that first step!


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