Do you Walk or Talk?

Despite the countless “fit-motivation” quotes, endless fitness trends, people posting bathroom and gym-mirror selfies on every social media platform; sedentary lifestyle habits and obesity rates continue to rise. With health, fitness, exercise and dieting being one of the more viewed, shared and researched topics, you would think that participation and success rates would be on the upswing but they’re not…period.

Instead of focusing on the masses, let’s focus on you. Is research on things such as fitness, sport and health trends useful? Yes but sustained success depends on one thing…execution! You can read about hiking or trail running all you want but until you get out there and actually do it, that knowledge is just sitting in limbo with no personal relevance and absolutely no application or progression.

If you are all about research, keep your percentage of physical activity at 95% with 5% devoted to research and you will give your body no choice but to adapt, respond and progress! Getting out on a trail and fighting to go a bit further or higher, going to the gym and partnering up with someone more experienced to learn techniques on the fly will give you a rock steady foundation that will yield benefits and a rate of progression that is limitless. Basically…do more walking than talking, there’s no better experience than experience!

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