Passion Redefined

Drone footage of me riding some local dirt jumps.

What is your passion? One of mine is riding bmx bikes…yes, those “little kid bikes” but it’s much more than that. Riding bmx takes constant practice, full-body coordination, courage, attention to detail and a focus on progression. As much as I love the sport, I love many other activities as well.

In the world of physical activity, the word “passion” is often used to describe the utmost in enthusiasm or level of intensity with regard to an activity, sport or exercise technique. Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. I have learned over the years that much like this big wonderful world we live in, passion has levels, diversity and options. Having passion for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to be wide-eyed and perky all the time or feel the need to save the world with it. It simply means that you have a very strong interest in it that fuels consistency. However, passion can take on many different forms and encompass many types of physical activity, meal formats and training techniques.

I have been in the fitness industry for the better part of my life yet I don’t let any one activity or format define me. I encourage you to open your mind as well and explore the many ways of getting fit and healthy. If you do, you will have far many more experiences, “ah-ha moments” and memories than those fixated on any one way of doing things. It’s a big world out there and as long as you’re active, eat healthy, stay consistent and stay positive…your results will be as well. Get out and explore!

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