Content doesn’t have the power…You do!

Push the button!

We as consumers, now have access to more types of health & fitness related information than at any other time in history. Despite this, the United States is still one of the more unhealthy, inactive and obese countries in the world.

We could list, organize, speculate and debate the reasons why but that is just wasting precious time,  so let’s forego all of that and get to some real-life solutions that we can all enact immediately to take ourselves out of the aforementioned statistics.

After all the dust clears, if you want to get fit, it all starts with putting one foot in front of the other and to get your butt moving! Take a 20 minute walk, pump up the tires on your bike and take a spin around your neighborhood, step out of your comfort zone and join a sport or activity league, join a fitness facility or simply buddy up with a friend and get moving….anything is better than sitting around searching for answers….go create the answers.

All too often, people forget the power that lies within them and that includes you! Fitness information, fitness experts are all great things but if you spend more time researching fitness routines than you do actually participating in them, you need to change your strategy. There is no perfect routine, there is no fitness expert with all the answers, we’re all human and what’s great about humans is our ability to explore, adapt and succeed in pretty much any arena on earth. You have that same ability, so do research on your favorite fitness pro or for more information AFTER you finish a jog in the park, a swim at your local fitness facility or hike with friends.

Once you get moving, the learning process begins and if you stay consistent, you will gain self-taught knowledge on what works or doesn’t work best for you, not to mention this process opens you up to having the ability and confidence to actually try other activities, sports, training programs and philosophies. Physically engaging with the process rather than simply researching it will give you a well-rounded approach to success that is rooted in ACTION not in just simple information gathering. Seize the day, go get it!

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