The Missing Link between You and a Healthy Lifestyle

If asked, most people would choose to live a healthy lifestyle. However, most people’s habits suggest otherwise. In fact, Obesity and lack of physical activity continue to climb despite a “connected” world where information on how to get and stay active is endless.

Therein lies the missing link. An active lifestyle is not about simple information, it’s not about what you want, wish, hope for or are presented with…it’s about exploring what activities interest you, getting out there to find out what works best for you and getting involved on a consistent basis. Period!

However, our society is focused on programs, products, trends, fads and hype which all lead to…more programs, products, trends, fads and hype…Hello??!!

Focus first on activities that interest you or that you have done in the past and give yourself a period of time to explore and engage in them and see what works best.

A reader wrote in last week and said he started taking his young son to gymnastics and instead of sitting there on the bench while his son took classes, he took the basic  gymnastics conditioning class for parents that the facility offered. He said at first, it was to avoid the boredom of sitting there for 1-2 hours but took a leap of faith and is now amazed at how fit he has become after just 7 weeks of taking the class.

On top of that, his son’s classes are now discounted because he takes the class for parents and he couldn’t be happier.  As a result, he has been walking more, bought bicycles for himself and his son and their active lifestyle and more quality time together wasn’t a plan, it just unfolded in a positive way because he tried something new. Boom!

You can enjoy this same type of lifestyle as well if you stay within the realm of things that interest you or you feel will interest you and then go for it!

You’re not going to like everything you try but that’s the fun of it…you’ll soon find or rediscover an activity that works for you and you’ll be surprised at how an active lifestyle just happens, simply becomes part of your life and becomes no big deal. That’s when you know it’s real. Push past your comfort zone and find your sweet spot, an active lifestyle is simply waiting for you to come enjoy it!



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