What is your “Day to Day?”

It is very important to both ask and answer that very question when it comes to your physical activity and nutritional habits because what you do on a consistent basis is what your body, mind and overall health will reflect…period.

At Physical Thread, we’re not going to give you a polished, catchy little bit of trending info that goes in one ear and out the other, there are numerous places you can go for that. We forego the BS and give it to you straight and the reality is that your body; how it functions, how it feels, how it performs, how it recovers and how it looks is a direct result of your day to day habits. 

Programs, diets, meal plans and “what everybody else is doing” comes and goes but how and when you exercise and what you put in your body when no one is looking or can see on social media…is where the rubber meets the road. When your nutrition is dialed-in and your exercise habits consistent, the days of falling prey to fads and trends become a thing of the past.

Find an activity or numerous ones that you enjoy and that push you to constantly progress and adapt. Outside of your main activities, it’s good to have 1-2 others that will provide variation, skill-training and different modes of conditioning to give you a well-rounded, active lifestyle that never gets boring. Open your mind, try things, mix it up!

Nutritionally…“simple” is the key word. Choose simple “power foods” such as Eggs, Lean Meats and Fish, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Oats, Sweet Potatoes, fresh Veggies and healthy fats such as Olive Oil, MCT Oil and Fish Oils.

There are countless options just from this short list that you can play with and diversify with different seasonings and combinations but again….keep things simple. Once you have the basics nailed down, there will be no more need for rigid meal plans, fads or trends to worry about because despite what it may seem…the simple basics of how to eat healthy and stay fit haven’t changed in many years. Get out there and play!



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