#1 key to an active lifestyle!

The key to an active lifestyle isn’t in web and Instagram posts with ripped dudes flexing in mirrors or women posting pictures of their butts in every photo then calling themselves “experts,” “motivators” and “influencers” who are helping you. Wrong, they are trying to help themselves.

All the answers and success will come from you and your everyday life-habits, so unplug from the countless streams of people who are using the illusion of helping you as way to show off for their own personal gain and go on your own journey to an active and healthy lifestyle. You are the key!

This process isn’t as hard as you think because the focus isn’t on the end result, it’s on the daily ups, downs and small victories that are sure to come from immersing yourself in forms of physical activity that truly interest, inspire and motivate you. This process doesn’t come as easy for some as it does for others but if you start with activities that you at least have some interest in, you will be well on your way to developing consistent habits and participation in activities that become a way of life rather than yet another failed attempt at “getting fit!”

Exercise and nutrition programs, plans and philosophies for getting active are more available to people than ever before in history. Despite that, our country and most other westernized countries are less active and more obese than ever before.  The reality is that this type of information is only as good as the person who acts upon it…hello??

Is it a big deal when you wake up, use the bathroom, take a shower, brush your teeth and get dressed in the morning? In most cases….No! With that in mind, choose an activity, sport or form of exercise that truly interests you, learn the basics, choose a couple of others for variation and then let the evolution begin.

Sound too obscure and vague? It is…..now get out there and go create clarity and focus for yourself!


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