Are you Living or Existing?

Some people understand it from day one, others never do. Hopefully, all of us can get to the point to where we are living and thriving “in the moment” and in line with our passions and callings. Getting to that blissful point in life often requires a journey of ups, downs and varying degrees of work. You have to be an active participant.

The sobering truth is that no matter who you are and what your interests and passions happen to be…everything that you hold near and dear to your heart are rendered useless without overall good health…period.

Despite so many human advancements, the act of getting physical activity on a consistent basis in our country isn’t getting done. Our society is increasingly less active, more obese and even more troubling, a recent study showed that more people than ever before are very comfortable being overweight and less active.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving who you are at any weight or size but if who you are isn’t adhering to an active lifestyle, there will be trouble down the road with regard to your overall health and well-being.

Do you have to go on strict diets, weight-loss challenges, strap on a headband, join a crossfit gym or do adventure races? No…but at the very least, try to get 20 minutes or more of sustained physical activity at least 4 days out of every 7 day time period. It’s not about finding time, it’s about making time.

Start with activities that are simple such as walking around your neighborhood, walking or jogging around school grounds or public parks etc. These activities are free of charge and easily accessible….otherwise known as excuse proof.

Starting out with simple activities will help to create a solid foundation that you can then build on by adding other activities such as bike riding and any other activities or sports that interest you. That’s the key….get out there, go explore and find out what you actually enjoy. Once you find an activity or group of activities that you enjoy, mix them up from time to time to avoid boredom and challenge yourself to progress in each activity yet never close your mind to trying others!

Accepting anything less than good overall health and closing your mind to the infinite possibilities is Existing…not Living.

Guess what? You have a choice….get out there!



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