Reset for Results!

Elite athletes call it “having a bad memory,” philosophers call it “clearing the mind” but whatever you want to call it, resetting your mind, letting go of mistakes and setbacks is essential for creating lasting success in all aspects of life.

When it comes to your overall health and building an active lifestyle, the act of resetting each day versus being on a continuous program is counter-intuitive to how most of us are conditioned to believe, think and act. There is always a new fitness & health program, routine, format, trend or fad to follow that promises results….if you follow it!

Are plans, goals and formats necessary? Absolutely. However in our society, the reality is that if a plan or program doesn’t come with immediate results…it is forgotten as fast as it was created. Second, whenever people make mistakes, they simply give up on the plan as a whole then the merry-go-round of fitness continues.

The perky, annoyingly attractive fitness experts who crafted your programs aren’t there when you go all-in on the tub of cookies your co-workers brought to work. Your yoga instructor doing hand-stands on a mountaintop in overpriced yoga gear on Instagram can’t help you when an impromptu meetup with your college roomie has you hungover, in bed and missing class the next day. Instances such as these often derail people and their programs because of a simple misconception that one mistake, slip up or setback has ruined the entire show. Wrong!

If you dig a bit deeper and look at some of the more successful, innovative people in the world, they have the ability to push past mistakes, setbacks and adversity simply by pushing the proverbial reset button in their mind and staying focused on their passions, goals, dreams and designs. If you goof up and eat 3 donuts for breakfast instead of Egg whites and Oatmeal, don’t throw in the towel, come back strong with a healthy snack, nutrient-packed lunch and dinner. If you miss a workout on Monday, the ship didn’t sink, so come back on Tuesday and sneak in a 20-30 minute session of whatever activity, sport or exercise of your choice.

No this isn’t a self-help tutorial but rather a reminder that the ability to push reset in your mind, to give yourself a break and realize that mistakes are part of the game is how you positively respond to and overcome them….hence creating lasting success. Your body and overall health will reflect what you do on a day to day basis, not the small mistakes or setbacks that we are all sure to make.

Relax, push reset when you goof up and move on. Boom!

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