Quit Searching Start Creating!

We will keep it brief on this fine Friday and just say that the never-ending and annoying trend of motivational quotes coming at us on every social media stream, computer and smartphone is getting out of hand…not to mention a waste of precious time. Ever heard the saying “Words detached from experience=Nothing”…?

Well, “nothing” could be more true when it comes to getting and staying physically active. While it is great to have the occasional boost from inspirational words, the reality is that words don’t burn calories and create amazing experiences…you getting off your butt and out there in the real world does. Hello?

Quit looking for those magical words and quotes to motivate you to get out and live the life you want to live, get out there and create whatever reality you can imagine for yourself!

Think about it…the company you work for? It didn’t appear out of thin air…at some point, it was started by someone who dared to imagine, dream then put one foot in front of the other and worked to make the dream a day-to-day reality. Fast forward and they are now paying you to keep the dream alive. Hello?

Keep in mind….you have that same opportunity and ability as well, so quit scanning social media for quotes and go create your own narrative, your own bliss, your own passions so that you can embrace and enjoy them daily. In the real world.

Happy Friday!

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