Studies Have Shown…

When it comes to physical activity and health, the phrase “studies have shown” is tossed around more often than any phrase known to mankind!

While studies are very helpful in many instances, in many ways they are not. Our society likes to analyze everything then analyze how we analyzed what we analyzed…you following along here?

No matter what studies claim to find, you’re either consistently making physical activity a part of your everyday life or you’re not…no studies needed to figure out that fact. Second, how many more studies are needed to reveal the “news” that if you exercise regularly (even moderately) and eat a healthy diet with occasional splurges…you can be fit, healthy and happy for a lifetime?

After all the dust settles,  “what form of exercise is best, how many calories can be burned per session of exercise” or what the latest “fitness trend ” happens to be means absolutely nothing if you’re sitting on your butt researching rather than participating in the basics such as daily walks, runs, bicycle rides, etc.

It is important to realize that the fitness industry is so saturated with “studies” that ironically support some product or format that requires you to purchase something, so be careful to check where your studies are coming from!

Let studies be what they are…a sidenote to the real story which is you out there in the real world living, experiencing and exploring the diverse, countless  options of an active lifestyle for yourself. Just like in all other areas of life….learn by touch, taste, sweat, trial, error, failure, victory and real-world based knowledge that you create for yourself.

Self-made knowledge and endless exploration will be your foundation of healthy habits that will support you throughout life.

Carry on!



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