When you think of active lifestyles, it is far too easy to think of gym memberships, food fads, perfect bodies, protein smoothies and trendy yoga classes before or after work. Friends, there is so much more than the norm!

It is quite shocking how narrow of a mindset that people have when it comes to the options they have in which to get active and fit. Physical Thread reader Adam, wrote us explaining how he spent years trying to build the perfect body then came to the realization that with so much focus on his appearance, being “force-fed” latest trends and the “gym culture,” he missed out on many great experiences.

Adam wrote“Don’t get me wrong, I had some fun and did some cool things but my looks, my weight and body image are all now a distant second to my focus on getting out, active and experiencing new and different ways to enjoy myself and those closest to me.” I got certified to Scuba dive, I play Ultimate Frisbee, have become addicted to hiking/camping adventures and the new mountain bike I purchased, has opened up a new and exciting way to experience and enjoy nature. All of these things require consistent physical activity but no matter how challenging any of it gets, I love every second of it. I’m experiencing activities, places, people and perspectives that just a few years ago, I never would have due to my focus on my looks, glutes, strength and other stupid stuff! I’m glad I lived a fit lifestyle but I look back and wished I wouldn’t have been so consumed by what my body looked like and what everybody else was doing. I can’t get those years back but I am proud that I opened up new options for myself, friends and family!” The result has been new levels of fitness and my body is as good as it’s ever been yet that wasn’t even the intention. It is the end result of shifting my focus and it feels amazing to be free of the whole body image circus!”

That sums it up…open your mind and you will unlock a whole new world of fun, activities and excitement for yourself and those around you. Let go of chasing perfection, blaze trails, explore diverse activities and you will find a balance of mind & body that you never before thought possible.

Explore, expand, experience, embrace and enjoy…Boom!

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