Managing Editor: Dave Patania

cropped-daveheadshot-2012.jpgDave is a physical activity expert with over 17 years experience as a personal trainer, television fitness expert & host, newspaper columnist and health advocate. He developed and wrote the first nationally syndicated newspaper column on health & fitness and has been an on-air in broadcast television expert for 14 years straight. He has produced, written and hosted national video series for both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine. His stated goal is to “help as many people as possible fill the void between “talking” about physical activity and actually performing it!”

He goes further by saying that “fitness is not rocket science yet people over-complicate it by doing more research on exercise than actually performing it. Others take it way too seriously and feel it is their platform for displaying their dominance over life, other people and god knows what else. Despite what some out of touch people believe, there is not one training or nutrition philosophy that is “the best” but rather many great ways of incorporating physical activity and disciplined nutritional habits into ones everyday life.”

At Physical Thread we believe that when you view exercise and proper nutrition as just another aspect of everyday life, it will become and remain a true extension of what and who you are. When you are performing exercise on a consistent basis like its no big deal…you have arrived!

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